How to control our anger

We as human beings who live with two important parts that can not be separated from the physical and spiritual, it is undeniable that sometimes we are faced with a physical and spiritual disorders. Physical disturbance is usually a tired and sore while the interference of non-physical spiritual is usually in the form of sadness, despair, and anger.

Lots of people can easily cope with a disease or physical disorder such as with exercise, take vitamins, and medication, but I think there are few people who can control the disorder spiritual or emotional. Why?, Is there a special method to handle the problem?

Try to see the brief story of someone and his father. Just call him “Ujang”.

Ujang has a bad habit every time his desire is failed or could not reach his target. He was venting his emotions through anger that he could not control. Her father, who wisely gave him a hammer and nails and told his son Ujang that if he was angry, try to plug a nail on a wooden board.

Days later, Ujang was angry but this time he was venting through the hammer and nails. The first day he stuck the 10 nails on a wooden board and the next day more and more nails being plugged till one day he felt tired and lazy to stick the nail every time he was angry, finally nail that pinned or plugged reduced. Hhe had been thinking that it’s easier to hold the emotions rather than driving a nail.

One time his father asked Ujang to pull out one by one nail and he said “Even if you unplug all the nails from it, the former hole in the wooden board are still visible and will remain there forever.

From the story we could think and take good and beneficial to control our anger.

So, do you have any opinions or other methods to control emotions?